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Why eXp Realty is Perfect for Newly Licensed Agents in Illinois

Dated: February 27 2023

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Why eXp Realty is Perfect for Newly Licensed Agents

Written by: James Yinger

BlueLine Property Group and eXp Realty in Greater Gateway Illinois prides itself on its sponsorship program and creating an environment that promotes collaboration and success. Beginning your career as a real estate agent can be seen as a massive undertaking. We’ve all been in that exact same position, we understand. The reality is, new unfamiliar paths you take in life will require some gumption and patience. If you have these two qualities, you’ve already won half the battle. The other half consists of Mentorship, Communication, Training, and Lead Generation. These are the assets and support you can expect when becoming a BlueLine Property Group agent.


eXp Realty Mentoring in Greater Gateway Illinois

Many people think because eXp Realty is cloud based, there isn’t a true local presence. Those who say this couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, some eXp Realty brokers are 100% digital and working remotely, but the right team will meet regularly, exchange experiences, share marketing ideas, and coach each other. When joining our team you will be surrounded by real estate professionals with varying levels of experience and skills. eXp Realty promotes mentorship and support so much that if an agent that wants to go solo for the first year, but manages to only sell 3 properties within that single calendar year, they’re obliged to join eXp Realty’s official Mentorship Program. They will pair you with a mentor in your area for things like shadowing, software training, and meetings. If you want to avoid this and take advantage of the support right from the start, we would love to have you with our lineup of experienced and professional agents. 

Time to make a change?

Join our team and find the position that best
compliments your skills and abilities. 

Agent Training with eXp Realty and BlueLine Property Group 

Our available training  gives each one of our agents the opportunity to strengthen their skills and turn them into the best versions of themself. This helps ensure that our team is up to par and can perform their job day in and day out. With proper training and development, shortcomings can turn into strengths and our team can succeed together.

But whether you’re new to real estate or you’re an experienced agent, taking classes to learn about the brokerage, the industry and how to build a successful sales business is the key to any real estate agents’ success. That’s why eXp Realty, whose motto is agent success obsessed, has made a huge commitment to offer classes to its agents, completely free. eXp provides a unique process to help agents share their knowledge, expertise and best practices with each other through the University - eXp University.

eXp Realty offers more than 80+ live classes running 45 minutes each with a 15 minute Q&A session at the end. These weekly classes are taught by the industry’s experts and top-producing eXp agents who are given guidelines and training on how to be effective teachers. In an effort to offer the best possible learning experience, the platform sends out surveys to the students. Think of it as leaving a Yelp review or Google review. Currently, instructors on the platform average a survey score of 4.89 out of 5. If the live class is outside of your availability, all the lessons are recorded and accessible within the eXp University’s on-demand library for your convenience. We use it all the time and it’s great.

Some of the general topics are:

  • Working with buyers and sellers
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Social media marketing
  • CRM and technology tools
  • Systems and processes to conduct business effectively
  • Farming for Dollars
  • Goal Setting for Agents
  • Building Blocks for a Successful Business
  • New Agent Orientation
  • How to Win Listings
  • Real Estate 101
  • Accounting 101
  • Team Building

You choose what you want to do, how frequently you want to do it, and apply it to become successful

A Real Estate Agent Community based around Communication

A normal concern for most newly licensed agents, but rest assured when joining the BlueLine Property Group team, there is a supportive community that prides itself on its level of communication amongst team members.

Common questions like:

  • Who do I ask my questions to?
  • Where do I go if I have an issue with…
    • Sales process
    • Documentation
    • Software
    • Marketing

There are so many means of communication. Everyone associated with the company is in a big group who live by eXp Realty’s motto, “Agent Success Obsessed”.

Generating Real Estate Leads in Greater Gateway Illinois

We believe in transparency, so we’re always straight forward with our agents. Since you’re interested in our team, we want to start our relationship on the right foot. We never guarantee leads to our agents. This is something they’re required to generate for themself, but the good news is eXp Realty and BlueLine Property Group give you great tools (3 Powerful Tools That Come with Joining eXp Realty) for you to use to build your book of business and leads. Tools such as, a personalized website you can customize and tailor as you wish, CRM (Client Retention Management) cloudware that be accessed conveniently from anywhere and communicates with your website seamlessly, and campaign tools to assist in the cultivation of these leads that come in from your website, social media, and email. 

Again, eXp University and our team offer courses and support to help you become the best version of yourself by teaching and coaching you the successful and manageable methods and tools. If you’re interested in learning more about joining BlueLine Property Group with eXp Realty in Greater Gateway Illinois, feel free to go to: We look forward to hearing from you!

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