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The Top 5 Benefits of eXp Realty That You Should Know

Dated: September 12 2022

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The Top 5 Benefits of eXp Realty That You Should Know

Written by: James Yinger

If you're considering eXp Realty in Greater Gateway, want to understand it more, and you want to hear from an actual agent - we're going to go over the Top 5 Benefits of eXp Realty that you should know before you make a move.

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The top 5 benefits of eXp Realty consist of its Ease of Access, Commissions & Splits, Simplicity, Multiple Income Streams, and Sponsors. eXp Realty (EXPI 0.81%) has grown to 67,000 agents in just over a decade, and it is still expanding at a rapid pace. Here are the reasons why…

#1 | Ease of Access

This is probably your number one concern. Regardless if you have years of experience or no experience at all. “Where do I find support to ask questions? How accessible are the brokers?”. I hear these questions frequently online and during interviews. 

Answer: eXp World. This is eXp’s “online campus” where agents and staff interact.

Simply log into eXp World, go to your state broker during regular operational hours, and someone will assist you. Your broker is also available through Workplace Chat. You can message them and set up a call, but having that real live support at your fingertips is incredibly beneficial. Basically, you type where you need to go and Agent Support is there all the time.

Like in a real office environment, if another agent is in the office talking to them at that time, you take a ticket, and you can go accomplish other tasks. When they're finished and it’s your turn, you’re immediately taken back to that room - automatically. It’s unbelievable.

In addition, you have access to education that is accessible in the same process. You have up to 50 hours of Live Education every week. These are not recorded webinars. These are actual Live courses where you can attend, take a seat, raise your hand if you have any question, and learn until your heart's content. 

#2 | Commission and Splits

eXp Commissions and Splits are very clear and straightforward. We operate on an 80/20 Split for all agents across the board. You know that you're getting 80% of your commission and every new agent has a $16,000 cap.  

Tip: For new agents, typically, real estate commission is 5%–6% of the home’s sale price. In most areas, the buyer’s agent receives 2.5%–3% in commission and the seller’s agent receives 2.5%-3% in commission. This can vary by agent and location.

20% of the commission (2.5%-3%) earned in each deal will go towards the company (eXp Realty) until you hit your cap of $16,000. 

For example, if your average transaction is $250,000 and your agreed commission is 2.5%, then that would mean after 13 transactions you’ll hit your cap. Once you’ve hit your cap, you’ll start receiving 100% of your commission.

eXp Realty US celebrates all of their agents while also highlighting those who achieve exceptional production levels and exemplify their core values. Agents can achieve ICON status by meeting or exceeding the Program’s Production Requirements during their Capping Period.

For instance, once Icon status is achieved, it gives you your whole cap back ($16,000) in stock. Essentially, you’re reimbursed your fees, but put into an appreciating asset which could ultimately elevate and multiply and you could be paid to work at eXp.

#3 | Simplicity

eXp Realty brings simplicity to your business. From commission, documentation processing, and marketing, to the collaboration of ideas. 

Commission Payouts - Being able to get your commission check on the day of closing or have it directly deposited is the number one benefit. It's what most prefer (obviously) and it makes every little step so much easier. Not having to go to the bank or having to deal with everything in between is a huge value and time saver. Especially when you’re starting to sell more and more, and it's over and over again. 

Documentation Processing - Sky Slope is a program we use to turn in our documents. It organizes the documents that we turned in and it puts a red indicator if it has an issue or red mark if we're missing something and green if we're good to go. This way we know exactly where and what we're missing. They communicate straight through Sky Slope, they add notes to the deal, for instance: “Hey you're missing this initial…” or “Don’t forget to fill in this area…” or “We've reviewed your document and it's good to go now”. Once you have the green mark on everything, like filling out an application, you know you're going to get paid that day. 

Idea Collaboration - Workplace is another complimentary product/service that eXp Realty offers. It makes everything very easy. It's very similar to Facebook, but it's exclusive only to eXp Agents and Affiliates. You can collaborate with someone across the country just as quickly as you would on Facebook. 

Database Management & Marketing - kvCORE is the #1 CRM available in the market today and not cheap either, but eXp Realty Agents receive this tool completely complimentary. Organizing your contacts and leads - it’s designed specifically for the real estate industry. It’s a cloud-based, all-in-one platform equipped with smart relationship management, a lead engine, web and IDX, transactions, listings, a marketing autopilot feature and business analytics. 

You can even take your kvCORE to the next level and turn it into an automated lead generating, lead cultivating, and lead converting monster with kvDRIPS Campaign Packages, Email Templates, and Website Add-ons.

Time to make a change?‚Äč

Join our team and find the position that best
compliments your skills and abilities. 

#4 | Multiple Income Streams

When with eXp Realty, there are multiple ways to income streams unlike any other brokerage. At a regular brokerage you may have one or two income streams - depending where you work. 

In reality, eXp Realty has up to (5) five ways to generate income:

1.) Traditional Commission that you get at any brokerage 

2.) Revenue Sharing - When sponsoring an eXp Realty Agent you recruited, you get a small percentage of their net-commission. Which most totally overlook! The more they sell, the more you make. 

3.) Personal Performance Stock Awards that you get for… personal performance that eXp Realty will award you. Then once it's vested after three years you can cash those out if you like.

4.) Sponsoring Stock Awards for agents you sponsor when they meet specific criteria and production levels. 

5.) Discounted Stock Purchasing with every commission with the ability to increase / multiply over time. Even if you never have a conversation about eXp Realty to anyone, nor attract any agents; you still get awarded stock that can help you. You do not have to sponsor agents to be able to get those awards for yourself in your own production. 

#5 | Sponsors

Your choices are endless - you can go with whomever you desire. A sponsor is the person most responsible for your decision to join eXp Realty. They likely introduced you to the brokerage and encouraged you to join because of the many benefits. I would be your eXp Sponsor. 

You have access to so many resources, but it’s important to consider an eXp Sponsor who will walk you through what resources you need and guide you to becoming the best version of you. Get to know your sponsor. Your sponsor doesn't have to be in your state, but I promote a close business relationship whether virtually or physically, but realistically you can be in California while I (your eXp Sponsor) am in Illionois. The quality of my supportiveness has no boundaries and I am always looking for talented individuals to add to my team. 

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